• Who:Adults
  • Where:JCC Warszawa, ul. Chmielna 9A
  • When:Thursday, April 7th, 2016, 7:00 p.m.

"Ginczanka. Fire-Bird" performative concert

Sign up at biuro@jccwarszawa.pl for the performative concert "Ginczanka. Fire-Bird" that will take place on Thursday, April 7th, 2016 at 7:00 p.m.!
This concert will be conducted in Polish with English subtitles. 

Dorota Jarema: music, vocals, improvisation
SzaZa (Paweł Szamburski, Patryk Zakrocki): music, improvisation
Gabi von Seltmann: artistic concept, staging 

Dorota Jarema is an improvisational artist and singer, renowned for an unusual timbre of voice which she is able to use as a musical instrument. She moves freely between a number of musical styles.

SzaZa – Paweł Szamburski (clarinet) and Patryk Zakrocki (violin, viola, mbira) are musicians, improvisers and animators who are active on the improvisational music and independent art scenes.

Gabi von Seltmann is an interdisciplinary artist, an animator of culture. Using various art forms, she seeks to answer questions about memory, identity and the implications of history. 

Project description:
This experimental, emotive collage of words, music and image is the result of a meeting of two artistic duos. The inspiration for the creators of the project is the timeless poetry of Zuzanna Ginczanka, here combined with SzaZa's evocative music and the shamanic voice of Dorota Jarema.

In her poetry, Ginczanka tells the tale of an Emancipated Woman, a Poetess and also a Jewess. It is a story of instincts, of the senses, physiology and emotions. Omnipresent love and the wonder of life mixed with irony, betrayal and fear are the features of this narrative. Wasps, lynxes, wild cats, pumas and foxes make their appearance, as does the legendary Fire-Bird, the spirit of fire with magical powers. The Fire-bird becomes a Phoenix on stage, the mythical symbol of rebirth and immortality.

With musical improvisation and vocals, whispers, murmurs, steps and animal sounds, the performers tell a dreamlike tale into which we weave prophecies of love and the beauty of life, written by Ginczanka in a language which still rings fresh and true today. Hence, more than seventy years after her tragic death, the legacy of Ginczanka and her genius are brought to life once more, on the stage.

Zuzanna Ginczanka – born Sara Polina Gincburg (Kiev 1917, killed in Krakow 1944) was a visionary and a poetess who loved life and found delight in words. She published her work with Skamander, a group of influential Polish poets, in the legendary magazine Szpilki, among many others. A true star of interwar bohemian circles, she was feted by the likes of Julian Tuwim and Witold Gombrowicz. An emancipated, charismatic woman, she spent her entire life trying to challenge stereotypes. Her Jewish appearance was both a blessing and a curse – during WWII, Ginczanka experienced concealment, escape and betrayal. Eventually, she was arrested by the Gestapo, tortured and shot only weeks before the Red Army entered Krakow.
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