Project: BABKA

Project BABKA is a project of reclaiming heritage.

Jewish-Polish Culture flourished in Poland for a 1,000 years. It’s legacy and heritage is now 
researched, learnt and claimed by people belonging to this group or their descendants across the world.

The Polish-Jewish kitchen was an essential, fascinating part of this world, and a less spoken-of part. Many polish Jews who left the country, took their kitchen habits, products, tastes and recipes with them. And left it to their children - many of them now cannot read and understand
those recipes - written in Polish or Yiddish.

We aim to reclaim this cultural heritage, this cuisine. With a project allowing people to get help with translating those recipes, while re-using them to cook and learn the polish-jewish traditions inside the Polish Jewish Community.

Project BABKA will start with a series of 6 workshops in the Warsaw JCC held between June-September 2015. In those workshops, participants will cook from recipes already collected from Polish Jews that emigrated to Israel, which their families approached us for help in translation.

Each recipe has a story - has a person who wrote it with his\hers life-story, has a specific language, ingredients, region in Poland and in the world.

Each recipes is a story - and a story we intend to tell.

It is a co-operation between the Family Heritage center in the Warsaw Jewish Historical Institute, Warsaw JCC, and Taube Center for renewal of Jewish Life in Poland.
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