Bereszit - lectures in October
  • Who:Adults
  • Where:JCC Warszawa, ul. Chmielna 9A
  • When:Tuesdays and Thursdays, 5:30 - 7:30 p.m.

Bereszit - lectures in October

In October 2014 lectures of the Bereszit Open University will be open also for non-enrolled students.

Participation fee in one lecture is 15zƂ (10zƂ for JCC Warszawa members).

This semester will be divided into two modules - "Exegetic workshops on books of the Prophets", led by Jakub Slawik and Andrzej KluczyƄski and "Israel in a pill/Israel and Poland within the cultural and historical context", led by Yaron Karol Becker.
Lectures of the first module will take place on Tuesdays and of the latter on Thursdays.

Lectures are conducted in Polish.

October's lectures:
07.X. - Jakub Slawik, Am 5,21-27
09.X. - Yaron Karol Becker, „Metamorphosis of the Israeli cultural identities I"
14.X. - Andrzej KluczyƄski, Am 7,1-9; 8,1-3
16.X. – Yaron Karol Becker, „Metamorphosis of the Israeli cultural identities II”
21.X. - Andrzej KluczyƄski, Oz 1,2-9; 2,1-3
23.X. – Yaron Karol Becker, „Rebirth fo the Hebrew language: historic miracle or a result of a cultural and historical continuity? Hebrew or Israeli - contemporary challenges of Hebrew in nowadays Israeli cultural reality”
28.X. - Jakub Slawik, Oz 4,4-19
30.X. - Yaron Karol Becker, „History of the zionist movement and the State of Israel I"

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