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JCC Warszawa x Night of Museums - JCC Warsaw


JCC Warszawa x Night of Museums
  • Who:Everyone
  • Where:Praga
  • When:Saturday, May 15th, 2021

JCC Warszawa x Night of Museums

Do you remember our urban game chasing the JCC Warszawa mermaid through Praga? You don't?! Well, now you get a chance to catch up!

On May 15th, 2021, before you set off to Zachęta, MSN or other museums, use the afternoon to find our mermaid!
The game is suitable for families with kids, as well as for adventurous adults. It will be most fun when played in a team, but you can also play on your own. It should take you 1-1.5h to play.
Things you will need to play:
*a smartphone with the game audio mp3 file downloaded [ ] or with internet connection for listening live
*few sheets of paper, preferable A4 format, however, a notebook will work too
See you along the chase!
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