Make sandwiches for those in need!
  • Where:Warsaw
  • When:December 2020

Make sandwiches for those in need!

Chanukah is almost here, so our thoughts automatically go to doughnuts and latkes, but it's worth to remember about those for whom any meal is something special. 

Lend us a hand in filling the food locker of Serce Miasta

Our main goal: sandwiches, our goal for the ambitious lot: jars with soup. 
We do the shopping, you make the sandwiches/soup, that we pick up from you and deliver it to the locker. 
You want to take part? Drop an email to biuro@jccwarszawa.pl by the end of this week (Dec 13th) indicating whether you can make 10/20/more sandwiches! 
10 minutes of your time can drastically change someone's day!
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