Premiere of the educational podcast
  • Who:Adults
  • Where:Warsaw Dance Department, PKiN, pl. Defilad 1
  • When:Saturday, September 15th, 2018, 8:00 p.m.

Premiere of the educational podcast "Sirota or how to become forgotten"

Just before the holiday of Yom Kippur, on September 15th, 2018 at 8:00 p.m. the "Jewish movement" project invites you to the Warsaw Dance Department studio (at Palace of Culture and Science) for the grand premiere of the educational podcast "Sirota or how to become forgotten" about Gerszon Sirota, the cantor of Warsaw's (pre-war) Great Synagogue at TĹ‚omackie. 
(the podcast is in Polish)

Free entry!

About the podcast:
What do Adam - a gifted, but not entirely honest corporate employee working at the Blue Skyscraper and Gerszon Sirota - a pre-war cantor of the Great Synagogue at TĹ‚omackie have in common?

Do talent, fame and greed know the time limits?

Will Dina - Adam's intelligent personal assistant, that seems to understand way more than a usual app, help figure out this riddle?

What role will be played by the mysterious concierge Miecio?

The secret corners of the Blue Skyscraper will show us definitely more than we would like to know. The dreamlike way to the server room will turn into a journey into the past, a musical adventure unfolding on the border between reality and the unreal. The prize of this excursion will be a lesson in humility and the memory about those, who are remembered only by the virtual archives.

Adam - Piotr Polak
Miecio - Adam Woronowicz
Dina - Maria Magadalena Kozłowska
text - Magdalena Kupryjanowicz
music - Wiktor Podgórski
sounds - Paweł Uszyński
clarinet - Piotr Mełech
vocals - Maria Magdalena Kozłowska
directed by - Maria Magdalena KozĹ‚owska 

"Jewish movement" is an open invitation to explore the connection between body practices and culture. It’s a collaborative project led by Warsaw Dance Department and the Jewish Community Center in Warsaw, Poland born from an attempt to create an authentic culture-forming process.
The project includes artistic residencies, workshops, and meetings serving as a platform to exchange knowledge, experiences and artistic approaches. It’s an opportunity to raise questions and map the conceptual framework spreading between the topics of Israel, Poland, Judaism, culture, history, art, movement, and body-expression, using both theory and practice as tools.

Warsaw Dance Department, Jewish Community Center JCC Warszawa 

Israeli Embassy in Poland, Nowy Teatr, City of Warsaw. Events coorganised by Nowy Teatr are financed by the City of Warsaw, Gaga Movement & Research Ltd.
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