Hebrew for kids
  • Who:Kids
  • Where:JCC Warszawa, ul. Chmielna 9A
  • When:School year 2018-2019

Hebrew for kids

Thanks to the Hebrew speaking parents' initiative, there will be regular Hebrew classes for kids taking place at the JCC starting in September!

Classes will take place biweekly on Sundays. There will be two groups: kids who don't speak or barely speak Hebrew yet and kids who already speak Hebrew.
Each level will be also age divided:
3-4 y.o. classes at 4:00 p.m.
5-9 y.o. classes at 5 p.m.

Dates of classes of the beginners group:
23/09/18 (first lesson - can be paid as a single entry - 35zĹ‚), 7/10/18, 21/10/18, 4/11/18, 25/11/18, 09/12/18, 13/01/19

Dates of classes of the already speaking group:
09/09/18 (first lesson - can be paid as a single entry - 35zĹ‚), 30/09/18, 14/10/18, 28/10/18, 18/11/18, 2/12/18, 16/12/18

Participation cost: 245zĹ‚ (there will be a possibility to pay for the first class only if you are not decided to join the full semester). Upon request of the group it will be possible to have additional classes, each extra class will cost 35zĹ‚ per participant.

Sign up and more info: Tanya Solodar, mini-ulpan@jccwarszawa.pl
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