JCC Photo Studio 2020 project

This pandemic came as a surprise to everyone, including the participants of this year's JCC photography studio workshops. 
Supported by their teacher - MikoƂaj Grynberg, photographers: Magdalena Kisiel, Aleksandra Król, Urszula MuszyƄska and Aleksandra PerzyƄska bravely faced the changing reality and created a lockdown photography project!

Check out the results: https://bit.ly/studiofoto2020
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  • Where:The route of the march: Umschlagplatz (Stawki and Dzika streets), Stawki, Karmelicka, Anielewicza streets, Jana PawƂa II Avenue, Dzielna, Smocza, Nowolipie, Ć»elazna, ChƂodna streets.
  • When:July-September 2020

March of Remembrance 2020

We have an honour to be a partner of the March of Remembrance this year too!
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